Betfair Champions Online Poker in Australia

Published Monday, April 27, 2009 -

Regulating online casino and poker gambling is good for all. Online gambling group Betfair has taken up the cause for the punting public in the Australian jurisdiction. Betfair is recommending the government committee studying gambling reform get on with legalization of online wagering and the sooner the better.

Over 200 submissions from interested parties other than Betfair have been submitted to the Productivity Commission in the first phase of government consultations for gaming reforms. This September public hearings on the issue will begin as the second phase of the Commission's mandate. Once all respective delegates are heard from and the public has a chance to have it's say a report is to be compiled and presented to the Federal Government of Australia some time in November of 2009.

Changes to the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, are at the heart of many of the submissions thus far. Betfair's suggestions include opening up online poker and internet casinos, with more participant friendly rules that will permit while in play wagering. Betfair has proposed that the present rules stopping these activities are not enforceable and pushes Australians to go to offshore websites to play.

Betfair's proposals mention online poker as different and unique commenting: "Poker has undergone a phenomenal rise in popularity in recent years, and as a result, more and more poker and other card game players are turning to the web."

Currently it is illegal to offer online poker to Australian residents, but that hasn't prevented large international operators from creating a large customer base on the continent.

$300 million Australian dollars are spent by Australians annually on online poker. At this point revenues flow directly offshore without any tax gained by Australia. "All revenues flow directly offshore without any tax being paid in Australia. "Betfair advocates an approach based on regulation, rather than attempts to prohibit the activity. Only through regulation can effective player protection initiatives be enforced in the online environment."

Betfair currently has over 2,000,000 clients worldwide and is considered the largest betting exchange on the planet.

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