Online Gambling Trailblazer Plans Return

Published Friday, May 01, 2009 -

Betting on the PGA Tour golf may sound like something anyone could go and participate in easily but actually that wasn't the case. In fact there wasn't anywhere where one could do that so Nick Jenkins created it. was the inspired result of Mr.Jenkins desire to wager on golf or just about anything as he puts it. Launched in 2007 it was a social betting network where members made wagers with each other. In return, the site would take a small fee. It was an honour system as bettors weren't' required to pay if they lost. How long did it take to go from idea to product? First it took several months to look for possible holes in the planned venture, then months of research into case law regarding the issues and then more months of raising funds and then at least a year to actually build the site.

After all of the planning and expertise that went into creating it wasn't long before the authorities at the Washington State Gambling Commission showed up and shut down the new operation.

"As a trailblazer I expected a few arrows. I didn't expect a bazooka." said Jenkins in a recent interview. His newly formed online gaming operation was "aggressively" shut down. Jenkins said that his big mistake was believing the law mattered. The Commission literally told him the law didn't matter.

Betcha received significant support from several members of the Washington state legislature, in both chambers and on both sides of the fence. Those members, Rep. Tami Green, Sen. Mike Hewitt, Sen. Cheryl Pflug, and others who asked not to be named for fear of retaliation, deserve kudos for standing up for what's right. After this huge legal and financial battle you may think that is dead in the water. Not just yet Jenkins added "The idea is too good and the market too massive for us to throw in the towel." Mr.Jenkins thinks that the rights of Americans are being eroded by bureaucrats with their own agendas. The history is one that some may consider extreme, yet this entrepreneur is still standing up for his cause. In Betcha's case - you can't lose the rent money because as you know you have the right to opt out. It's legal.

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