Trendsetting in Delaware Sports Betting Possible

Published Saturday, May 09, 2009 -

The world of online gambling is quite focused these days on the situation in the USA. Will online gambling ever come back to the land of milk and money or will the lawmakers in the huge wagering jurisdiction of America keep players from having their fun? Some individuals are looking to fill the coffers of their states treasuries with the revenues from taxes imposed on the online gambling industry. Just one such state is Delaware.
While many states now allow some sort of gambling within their borders, whether through riverboats or at racetracks, one type of gambling that's always been taboo has been sports betting. Delaware governor Jack Markell may be on the verge of becoming the trendsetter in the USA. The state of Delaware has a deficit gap of $700 million in the state budget. What Markell is proposing is a sort of state run lottery when it comes to gambling on sports. If it passes and helps the state of Delaware make more money, you can be pretty sure that other states across the country will soon follow suit.

A study done over a decade ago by Congress showed that $380 billion was bet on sports annually. That's before online gaming became so popular. It's possible that amount may have doubled since then. Opposition comes from mainly organized sports organization claiming it would compromise their integrity. While the sports leagues themselves can say they're against it, you can bet that governors from other states around the country will be keeping a close eye on how things go in Delaware.

The first attempt by Markell to get a sports betting measure passed failed earlier this week. The bill needed to clear a two-thirds majority vote in the Delaware House of Representatives. The bill fell two votes short with 23 votes in favor, 15 against and three abstentions.

A reworked sports betting bill passed by an overwhelming majority of 30-4 votes. "My administration worked with the leadership in the house and senate to get this done," Markell said, "We never stopped fighting to do what was right for the taxpayers of Delaware."

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