Online Poker Priority Issue for US Citizens

Published Thursday, May 14, 2009 -

The White House Citizen's Briefing Book is a collection of voter-led policy proposals. The licensing and regulation of online poker is a priority issue in the book.

The PPA or Poker Players Alliance was saying it is a positive advancement for their cause. The Poker Players Alliance is the leading poker advocacy group with more than one million members in America. Executive Director of PPA John Pappas said recently, "Poker players around the country are speaking with one voice to protect the game they love, and the White House is hearing that message. The popularity of online poker continues to grow, and the fact that poker is the top technology issue - and the 11th issue overall - proves that this is not a niche issue, but a national public policy that this Congress and this president should advance this year."

Citizens of the USA were asked by the White House to submit a policy proposal which was then voted on through the government web site. As part of the President Obama's transition to power, the "briefing book" passed on to the president those entries with the strongest support. "Boost America's Economy with Legal Online Poker" was a priority issue with 46,890 points received.

Pappas added to his comments saying, "We hope the Administration hears and acts upon the clear message sent via the Citizen's Briefing Book - keep online poker legal through thoughtful regulation. The poker community stands ready to work with President Obama and Congress to make sure the will of the people is acted upon."

Barney Frank's recently introduced legislation to establish U.S. licensing and regulation regarding online poker which ultimately would provide for a better sense of security and protection of players and the public in general.

An online poker player from Washington D.C. submitted this proposal to the briefing book, Boost America's Economy with Legal Online Poker. Let online poker players in the United States play legally and without fear of prosecution. Reform the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to exempt poker, a game of skill, from the law. Boost the economy by letting American companies and American players make money and pay taxes instead of sending online poker businesses offshore. Protect online poker players by regulating the industry to ensure that no one is ever cheated.

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