Online Gambling and Baseball

Published Sunday, May 17, 2009 -

Baseball, a sport played by many around the world gets lots of attention when it comes to online gambling. Betting on baseball is one of the fastest ways to gain some cash because it is an easy sport to handicap. Online sportsbooks as well as land based operations tell you that during baseball they are happy to simply break even. Most punters don't take advantage of the money making possibilities with baseball simply because they don't understand baseball betting. Time is needed to follow the pitchers and teams to make for successful wagering.

If you are new to betting baseball one of the first things that you will notice is that there is no point spreads involved. Betting baseball involves odds that are represented as a Money Line. The favorite is always a minus and the underdog will always be a plus. Baseball betting lines are not all created equal. Smart baseball bettors will only play a "Dime Line" or a 10-cent line which offers the player the most value for their baseball gambling dollar. Ten cents on the dollar can easily add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of a baseball season.

The pitcher is one of the most important positions in the game so the line or odds are based largely by the starting pitchers listed. You have four options when betting baseball. Listed Pitcher, Specify team pitcher, Team Action, Team action against listed pitcher. These four pitcher options change whether or not you have action on the game, and odds are adjusted accordingly.

Baseball totals are fairly straightforward but both listed pitchers must start for a total bet to have action. If one, or both, of the listed pitchers do not start, then a bet on the game total has no action, and all bets are refunded. The same rules that apply for totals apply for run lines, listed pitchers must start, and the game can not be called early. Simply put, watch your teams and pitchers and look for the best odds then go betting.

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