Online Poker Legal Battle Continues

Published Friday, May 22, 2009 -

The 2009 World Series of Poker is one week away and questions are being asked of the Chairman of the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association Joe Brennan as to what the future holds for online poker in Kentucky and Minnesota. The organization must file it's brief in the Kentucky case by June 1st.

Mr. Brennan was quoted recently that iMEGA's brief will likely be filed before the June 1st deadline and will make the Kentucky Supreme Court by next week. The court case was prompted by the seizure and potential forfeiture of 141 internet gambling domain names. The brief has been completed for two months. Brennan explained the logic in waiting to submit it, "We sat on it because we didn't feel the need to give Commonwealth attorneys more time than necessary. They'll get a chance to submit a rebuttal brief."

The case has the potential to set considerable precedence regardless of how the Kentucky Supreme Court rules. Brennan recently commented to Poker News Daily. "In our mind, they've broken no new ground. They haven't strengthened their case at all. They are falling back on same arguments that were unsuccessful at the appellate level: We are bad people, we don't deserve to be here, and sites don't deserve to be represented by groups like iMEGA, which is simply an illegal internet gambling association."

The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association is also priming it's legal team for the battle to come in Minnesota where the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has caused a legal stir with it's call for eleven internet service providers to block access to 200 internet gambling domains. Brennan noted that the Minnesota Department of Public Safety have been very co-operative stating, "They've acknowledged that there is some contention and they seem to be interested in getting things right. While we're still on the other side of a contentious issue, they've behaved reasonably and professionally."

The organization is not rushing to court on this issue Brennan concluded, "We're not all running to get in front of a Federal judge. Both sides will take a look at this and act in a reasonable timeline."

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