Online Gambling Bill an Up Hill Climb

Published Tuesday, May 26, 2009 -

The New York Times did a feature article yesterday about the ongoing proposal in the USA to roll back the prohibition on online gambling. The article's primary focus was on the various forces that are working to defeat the bill. Involved in process of making the proposed legislation a difficult decision for Senators are the usual detractors of gambling in general and online gambling specifically, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and all the major sports leagues.

Representative Spencer Bachus, Republican of Alabama, told the New York Times "Illegal offshore Internet gambling sites are a criminal enterprise, and allowing them to operate unfettered in the United States would present a clear danger to our youth, who are subject to becoming addicted to gambling at an early age,"

Social conservatives and their allies in Congress have vowed to defeat the bill. It is not only Frank's obvious enemies that may pull down his efforts but also The American Gaming Association, the primary lobbying group for land-based casinos have decided to sit on the fence and do nothing. Senate majority leader Harry Reid from Nevada also a Democrat and the ranking member on the House Financial Services Committee has given no indication that he supports Frank's proposal. So whether it's apathy from his own party members, derisive comments and false stats thrown at him from the other side of the floor of the Senate, or undecided fence sitters that are lacking in the spine department, Mr. Frank's edited efforts to bring online gambling to the free thinking American public may be a real challenge. The Poker Player's Alliance is pushing hard to at least establish some sort of legal, and regulated framework for online wagering in the USA.

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