Online Gambling Wanted USA Survey Says

Published Wednesday, June 03, 2009 -

The people of the USA have spoken. It is everyone's hope they will be listened to. Polls are a great way of finding out what the majority think. Polls are conducted with a certain amount of bias, admit it. It is those who are interested in a particular subject that respond to the polls so the objectivity maybe in some doubt sometimes. It is not that often though that polls are overwhelmingly in the affirmative.

It seems though that the recent survey done on the legalization of online gambling in the USA was just one of those cases of positive almost unanimous results.

In an interactive poll done by a news group called " Should Online Gambling be Legalized? " 97.13 percent voted yes only 2.87 percent were opposed. A poll done months ago by newspaper USA today yielded almost identical results at a 95 % positive endorsement for legalized casinos and gambling over the internet. The polls aren't controlled, and therefore not a scientific survey. It still says something about the way a certain segment of the population thinks. Most people are not convinced that online gambling is harmful and feel the idea of government saying you can't have a friendly game of poker and play a few slots online simply isn't American.

"A good argument could be made that the readers of these two periodicals make up the moderate, centrist group so often ignored by US politicians." So says analyst Sherman Bradley. It is a sure bet the US News and World News who conducted the poll don't like those odds.

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