American Online Gambling Debate Rages On

Published Friday, June 12, 2009 -

Will America become more protectionist to keep its economy on the rebound? The World Trade Organization may not allow the current administration to keep the old fashioned buy American policies that are obviously looming in the USA.

Legalizing online gambling in the USA is part of that internet world where business is being conducted and that trend has complicated the world markets. China has made up it's mind, it will filter online gambling from internet content. That country has made it clear we will control what our people are allowed to do. In America the idea of curtailing freedom brings people in America to their feet.

"This is further argument for repealing the law which currently restricts the personal freedom of American adults to gamble online," Barney Frank said about the recent E.U. allegations that America is not playing by the rules. "This report particularly shows the inconsistency of the Bush Administration, which frequently argued we had to abide by the WTO even when it cost American jobs, but ignored the WTO when it didn't fit the conservatives' ideological beliefs," Sen. Frank concluded.

European Union authorities said they have the right to seek damages for the violations of World Trade Organization agreements. With claims as high as $100 billion, American government officials, would prefer to negotiate some sort of reasonable terms. The implementation of a new law soon may bring a quick end to this debate, this new report from Europe just adds another stone to the wall of growing concerns in the States.

Arguments for Frank's proposition for online wagering in the USA has now another validated reason, the WTO issue, besides a huge new revenue source, and personal freedom, to make the lawmakers say yes to his bill before Congress.

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