Poker Skills Can be Honed Online

Published Monday, June 15, 2009 -

There is a common belief that playing poker is an art form unlike any other. There are many types of poker to master but mastering play at more than one table seems like a difficult one for sure. Success at the multi table poker tournament is a precarious balance of keeping the pace just right. If you wait too long for good hands slowly a beginner will be upset by the clock. On the other hand if a player goes too fast playing unnecessary hands burnout soon comes.

As the poker player knows all too well it's about the math. The way one plays is according to the stack. Your stack size and that of your opponents, the size of the blinds and the pace of the clock. That over the top feeling can come to a poker player as the factors affecting the play are constantly changing. Maintaining a keen awareness of everything going on is a lesson in multi-tasking and requires real concentration.

Taking a stance when the blinds getting serious is a good way of taking some substantial wins but only after the pace has picked up and the blinds and pots are worth the effort. Broadening the range of hands the player raises with should work in proportion to the blinds going up and the field getting smaller. At the beginning of a tournament best practice means playing tight but that doesn't mean waiting for ultimate ace hands. Deep stack tournaments will see a lot of flops at the early stages, and one can play a pre flop strategy almost like a cash game. The player that masters the unexpected raise strategy with those 'interesting' hands, may just catch the wave and grab a huge payout. Be patient, pace yourself and remember don't throw good money after bad if you fail to hit. Having a stubborn streak can wipe out even the most advanced player, so staying flexible and knowing which side of the bread your butter is on is key. Online poker can hone these skills to a fine art without having to go to Macau or Vegas.

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