Wimbleton On Watch for Wagering Influence

Published Friday, June 19, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

Wimbledon is under close scrutiny these days putting somewhat of a damper on the whole spirit of the game. Fears have been percolating through the tennis world that gambling may be creating a less than honest game. Recent fines were handed out to a tennis player who wagered on the internet on tennis. It was reported that a Russian spectator was arrested in the Netherlands for illegally wagering at courtside during the Ordina Open match between Spain's Oscar Hernandez and Austria's Daniel Koellerer. Reality has set in for those who feel that tennis is not as clean as driven snow.

Now that Wimbledon will have a "watch list" that includes as many as 12 players from several nations, including several players ranked in the ATP top 50, it is speculated that there will be fairness at these big games. Live streams of Wimbledon will be online for all those to enjoy. There will be 200 important matches streamed at Wimbledon.

Adam Helfant president of the ATP said recently, about the irregular betting patterns showing up in some matches, "Since January 2008 the ATP, Grand Slams, ITF and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour have had a Tennis Integrity Unit led by Jeff Rees. All related matters are dealt with by his unit and we don't intend to comment on any allegations or media stories."

Bill Babcock, Grand Slams and tournament chief for tennis' governing body, the ITF says, "It only takes a conspiracy of one," "It's a sport that lends itself to trouble if you're lax at all." The Tennis Integrity Unit not only reiterates zero tolerance for gambling and match-fixing, but also obliges players to quickly report bribery approaches or any other corrupt activity that's even suspicious. The betting ban extends not only to players but also to their associates and families. A recent investigation into tennis concluded that tennis is "not institutionally or systematically corrupt."

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