Online Poker in California Possible

Published Sunday, June 28, 2009 -

California has always been a place in the USA where people think anything can happen. Now the State of California is proposing it will allow Intrastate Online Poker. Representatives from the Poker Voters of America feel they are in a great position to see their goals achieved.

The California budget shortfall is making legislators see the value of any plan that might bring in revenue for the state. The proposed bill that seeks to set up online poker as legal in California meets all the qualifications.

Ex-Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, introduced a bill last year that was thought to be a way of skirting the federal ban on online gambling. The proposition confined online poker to within the boundaries of the state of California. This move would allow internet providers and poker players to connect and be therefore subject to the laws within California.

This law if passed would provide needed tax revenues for the ailing state economy. At this time California's fortunes are not looking that good with a $25 billion budget deficit looming, in the wings legislators are seriously considering the possibility of approving Mr. Levine's proposals. An estimated $250 million would be the win fall generated by accepting the new legislation, putting aside the moral debate and letting poker players have their game online.

Jim Tabilio president of the Poker Voters of America said that he feels confident after the legislators said the bill will likely pass if it meets consumer protection requirements. They want to be sure the industry operators will be controlled by the tribal casinos and poker rooms that are already licensed by the state of California.

According to Tabilio said recently, "The framework bill has a majority in support of the concept in both the Assembly and the Senate, and has a group of legislators including people in the leadership in both houses ready to take it forward," adding, "This means we're probably going to be able to get the bill through in mid-summer."

Should California be successful in making the concept a reality and online poker does eventually come to pass in the state, many gambling consultants concur that it will only be a matter of time before other American states follow suit, to enhance their own tax revenues.

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