Wagering Online Massive on USA VS Brazil Game

Published Sunday, June 28, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

It has been a long time since the USA and Brazil squared off in a game of soccer. The iconic Brazilian team is no stranger to the finals after all in Brazil soccer, or football as they call it, is one of the country's national pass times much like hockey in Canada or baseball in the USA. The game is going to be played at a time though when most punters are not usually in a gambling mood, Sunday at 2 pm est. This game however is seeing the kind of interest that has previously unknown to online sportsbooks. According to online gambling web sources the amount of wagering going on for this game is massive. Most of the sportbook web betting is coming from the USA which says something about the punters in the States, they are behind their team.

Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien of Gambling 911.com commented, "I think this is going to be a banner day for a number of these online sportsbooks that are pushing USA vs. Brazil," Ms. Payton added, "That isn't too far fetched a forecast," "Judging by the preliminary numbers we will have a few hours of heavy traffic, probably 100 searches per every three minutes on average in the two hours leading up to the final."

The 2009 Confederations Final is looking much like the Super Bowl when it come to the online gambling web traffic. The game will be aired on Sunday at 2pm est in the USA by ESPN. Bookies all over are welcoming the wagering because this is usually a very slow time of the year for most of them.

When asked for a prediction the editor said "The bookmakers win if Brazil comes out on top," "The gamblers win if USA wins." So far most of the betting is going towards the USA to win especially among USA facing sportsbooks.

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