Australian Online Lottery Charges Premium for 'Services'

Published Sunday, July 05, 2009 -

Oz Lotteries which is Australia's only online lottery ticket seller decided to add an extra 14 per cent to the price of a lottery ticket as many people put money down online for last week's $106 million draw. The same ticket bought at a New South Wales news stand for $126 would cost $18 more when bought from the Oz Lotterie's website. The difference in cost was partially explained by the fact that the news stands do not accept credit cards and the online ticket cost is always bought using a credit card. Buyers claimed they were not aware of the additional charges when they bought their chance to win online. After a punter compared the price online to that of the news stand a complaint was lodged with the Oz Lotteries organizers. The Oz Lotteries responded that its prices were posted on the web site and that the charge was for 'superior' service.

"We clearly state prices throughout our site and do not make any claims about them being same/less than elsewhere," an email to the complaining patron said, adding, "As with many other retail markets, our prices differ from other vendors and customers have freedom of choice to buy from whoever they wish,"

A spokesperson for the NSW Lotteries corporation was reporting it has posted a large price warning on its web page before customers were redirected to the Oz Lotteries page. Oz Lotteries claims the extra charge covers development, web servers, banking fees and marketing in other words the costs of doing business online. Oz Lotteries is authorised by NSW Lotteries to retail it's products with a higher fee structure. Oz Lotteries also offers its customers a facility to open gambling accounts with credit cards. The $106 million dollar jackpot was won by players in Queensland, South Australia and partially by those punters in NSW who took $720,000 home. 10 million tickets were sold in the record draw last week. NSW lotteries did not disclose how many of those tickets were sold online.

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