Online Casinos Will Flourish in Russia

Published Sunday, July 05, 2009 -

How are Russian's going to cope with the recent banishment of casinos in the country to the outer reaches of the nation? The Russian government has officially closed all casinos except for those in designated remote regions in the country as of July the first. Millions of gamblers are now without their favourite pass time and thousands are permanently out of work with this very dramatic move by the Russian government. It is speculated that the gambling will continue with the use of the internet.

This is a move announced several years ago but it still is having a huge impact on the people who love to wager. Online gambling is also part of the ban on gambling but it is difficult for officials to stop people from accessing online sites and placing their bets.

An observation was made by Terrence McCoy, " The US government made a similar attempt to stop their residents from gambling online, and it has failed miserably," adding, " you would think the rest of the world would have taken notice of the failure, but in Russia they have not."

The elderly portion of the population have been pressuring government officials in Russia to move the huge casino industry from the main street locations in big cities. The new law will require casinos to relocate in only four government approved zones in the remote regions of Russia. Most casino operators claim the remote locations are not ready for development and will not relocate because they feel the remote locations will not generate enough revenue to justify the costs of starting up a new venture so far away from major populations. It looks like those people willing to gamble are not the casino owners.

Online gambling will definitely be the beneficiary of the bricks and mortar casino ban. People in Russia will be online to play poker and have fun at the casino but now from their own living rooms.

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