Kenilworth Tests Online Gambling in Caribbean

Published Friday, July 10, 2009 -

Kenilworth Systems Corporation owns patents in the USA and fifty-one countries including China, Japan and Russia which presently offer gaming in more than 2,000 licensed regulated casinos. The patents cover systems and methods that allow participants from remote locations to wager on games as if they are actually participating in the live in-progress of the games at the casino of their choice anywhere in the world. The company has recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Caribbean Casino & Gaming Corporation. The six month online Test Simulcast Broadcast will be offered to patrons of the Sousa Grand Casino at Sousa Bay Resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Kenilworth's patented technology uses lottery terminals or laptop or TV's where the identification numbers are recorded.The wager is debited or credited automatically by the computers to the account of the participant. The ability of Kenilworth's patented system to support requirements for safety is considered to be a significant competitive advantage in the emerging market.

CEO of Kenilworth, Herbert Lindo, commented, "We believe that, as has already happened in the field of horse racing, simulcasts of remote casino games to homes, cell phones, racetracks, hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars will become a major trend in gaming. Since the development of the Internet, millions of people have chosen to gamble online and today Internet gambling is offered in many different countries under a variety of licensing and regulatory regimes. It appears there will be a potential annual global market of as much as $500 billion in total Internet wagering in the near future."

Mr. Lindo went on to add, " Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland and France have either passed or are preparing to pass legislation to open the market for remote live games from casinos within their own borders. The legislation is also intended to protect gamblers from manipulation by discouraging virtual wagering and betting on number generated games from studios in the U.K and other Channel Isles. These are likely to be the first sanctioned Internet gaming activities to yield significant tax revenues. The Kenilworth system being tested by Caribbean is intended to support wagering for such live casino table game broadcasts. Our intent is to aggressively market this gaming technology and pursue licensing arrangements with casino operators in all nations where we enjoy patent protection."

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