Online Gambling on the Triple Crown of Cycling

Published Sunday, August 02, 2009 -

Online Gambling takes many forms, some people like the easy going nature of bingo players online. Others get their thrills from the competition of a high stakes game of poker or some love the excitement of a good football match.Then there is cycling. Yes the Tour de France is the longest and one of the largest media covered events of the year in Europe, and people all over the globe watched and wagered on the edge of their seats.

Usually run over three weeks in July International teams and competitors plan for months in advance on their strategy and areas of concentration for this compelling endurance test of stamina and passion. It is with equal diligence that some followers have planned their moves and put the necessary funds on the line.

Originally competitors raced around the clock. Those early racers wouldn't recognize today's 21 stage race. Awards are made for the overall time leader, the points leader, the King of the Mountains leader and the best performer under 25 years of age. Cycling is often about excelling in a special area and then trying to ride that success through the more challenging stages. There are 27 Pro Tour Cycling events between March and October every year. The Tour de Normandie is a relatively new race that has gained a lot of attention lately as its course winds through the challenging Swiss Alps. The Triple Crown of cycling is the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia and the World Championship.

There are many betting options open to the person wagering on cycling. To win, the bettor does not have to pick the outright winner. Each stage is viewed as a separate race and as each racer has different specialties, the lines can switch dramatically.Punters can bet on as many stages or the overall competition. One can also select team lines and odds or individual lines and odds. When betting on an individual, wagers are accepted for places one through six in varying options.

Cyclist fans know their riders. It is imperative to look for condition and health reports before each stage. Progress reports for most tour cycling events are posted upon completion of each stage. Research always helps with the selection process. Bettors should do their homework and understand all the lines before choosing who will be the champion.

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