Gala Coral Online Gambling Dismisses Report

Published Monday, August 03, 2009 -

Rumours are not rumours usually when facts are reported by reputed newspapers. What are people to believe if you can't trust what is in the news. Well this is the case of the news presented regarding the possible sell off of Gala Coral printed in the Observer news in the U.K. The principals of the Gala are strongly dismissing any such move. Gala Coral Group says that the article was based on speculation and is not in fact true. Gala Coral Group's management has stated that it's assets are secure with a 200 million GBP reserve fund and that debt is being managed on schedule.

Mr. Neil Goulden Chairman of the Board for Gala Coral Group is said to be 'incensed' by the reports by the Guardian and the Observer newspaper reports. The inaccuracy was acknowledged by the offending company Global M&A with an apology being issued to Mr.Goulden by the Global M&A chairman. Assurances were made by the Global M&A chairman that this will not happen again and speculative articles will be curtailed. The document in question was put forth by the Royal Bank of Scotland after being prepared by Global M&A it was apparently not discussed with Gala Coral's executives or their lenders.

Goulden has issued critical statements regarding the inaccuracies presented by the Royal Bank of Scotland's lending division. At the same time Mr. Goulden was praising the RBS as being supportive and even constructive. In today's world we are constantly looking for original information that is truthful and accurate. Whether it's the photoshop enhanced picture of a model on the cover of a magazine or the facts presented via a reputable news source we are all subject to a situation where the truth may be just fiction. Mr. Goulden may be incensed by the report being inaccurate and misleading but at the same time his company is in the news and all news is advertizing so it may just pay off in the long run.

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