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Published Wednesday, August 05, 2009 -

There are thousands of online sportsbooks out there with different features and promotions for the would be gambler. However, one of the most interesting sportsbook trends that has been developed is the Price Per Head concept, which has been gaining popularity over the last few years.

Price Per Head changed the idea of small bettors that addressed their picks to a sports betting agent. Everybody thought this kind of "underground" sports betting business was going to come to a swift end with the advent of online sports betting. Betting clients want to rely on technology to make the whole process faster. It was thought that online gambling would bring an end of the old school 'bookie' that people called to place their bets. Pay Per Head shops offer those agents the possibility of creating an offshore sportsbook business with the Price Per Head software. This software provides a sort of online sports betting website for punters without sacrificing the old time bookie.

While most other sportsbooks online would make bettors place their money against the company, with Price Per Head the bookie is still in charge of dealing with the money won and lost by the players. Many people interested in online gambling prefer to stick to their bookies, who is usually someone they know and trust, instead of placing their money to play against a sportsbook they don't really know. The Price Per Head concept is that it provides the bookie software, giving the sports betting lines. The only payment received by the PPH shops is the fee paid by the agent for each client that places their bets. Now there is even a website that reviews Pay Per Head services. Newly created by experienced bookie Thomas N the website is an excellent resource for bookmaking agents around the world looking for an offshore sportsbook solution for their customers.

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