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Published Thursday, August 06, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

Ian Dunning, Managing Director of Haydock, the Bodog brand licencee for the Asian facing customer base recently granted an interview with Rebecca Liggero of Casino City. This article is an attempt to summarize some of that interview and let the public know about Haydock's plans.

Originally from Liverpool U.K. Ian Dunning spent most of his childhood in Jamaica and Botswana and so is familiar with different cultures and experiences. His interest in on-line gambling started when he began working for easyInternet café as Business Development director. Dunning worked for Ladbrokes in various positions for 14 years with his final position as Area Manager in West London. When asked what attracted him to the Asian market Mr. Dunning replied that the sheer size and potential of the region was invigorating. The emerging middle class is the target market, marketing the product and providing fast efficient payment back to customers is the ultimate goal for Haydock's Bodog brand. Dunning feels that the target customer shares many similar demographic features with European and American customers. Bodog88 is focusing on the large and growing young male middle class, who have disposable incomes and a passion for sports.

Haydock's objective is to be the largest on-line provider of betting and gaming in Asia. It will take some time to accomplish this goal looking at the sheer size of the jurisdiction. New products and games will be launched with a significantly enhanced Live Dealer product in the new future.

The challenge at Haydock is to make sure the brand values that have served other brand licensees become well known in Asia. Trust is an issue in the Asian market and the potential wagerer can easily check the brand out and start betting with confidence knowing that Bodog is a honest brand.

When asked about affiliate networks in Asia, Dunning said, the affiliate networks in Asian bookmaking are not as sophisticated as those in the west, but that is changing rapidly. Haydock has just launched its affiliate site and affiliates will be very important to Bodog88's success.

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