Online Gambling in Denmark Coming Soon

Published Friday, August 07, 2009 -

Ladbrokes the U.K.based wagering operation that recently announced it will be moving it's online gambling operatons to Gibraltar has now indicated that it will be prepared to submit to regulations if Denmark opens it's doors to the online gambling industry.

Denmark has recently drafted a new regulatory set of rules after many years of skirting the Danske Spil's monopoly situation in that country. Government proposals will be submitted to the European Commission for it's approval which will consider them and deliver an opinion by October 7th of this year. There is much speculation that the new licences offered by the Danish government will be expensive and therefore not competitive.

Some numbers have been proposed that seem unrealistic when it comes to making a profit in Denmark. Numbers such as 340,000 GBP to 455,000 GBP have been talked about. Taxation rates of 15 percent and even 20 percent on profits derived from online poker and casinos have also been discussed. It is thought that these numbers will cause many would be online gambling operators to think twice about taking the leap into the Danish market.

Richard Funch, Ladbrokes regional manager in Denmark is on record as saying that these proposed numbers are reasonable and therefore would not keep the firm from seeking a licence in that nation. One possible challenge to the new rules proposal before the E.C. may be Denmark's intention to keep online bingo and online lottery, as the sole property of the state monopoly Danske Spil.

Funch recently commented, "We will be getting a legal view on this and the arguments the government will use to support restricting these games to the monopoly because we believe that, in principle, games shouldn't be treated differently. Admittedly, lottery has a historic structure attached to it, but when it comes to scratchcards and bingo, which we offer in other E.U. markets such as the UK, it becomes problematic."

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