Online Sports Betting Debated Again in the USA

Published Saturday, August 08, 2009 -

Delaware has been threatened with a lawsuit by the National Football League, and Delaware has essentially told them to "bring it on". A few other states like New Jersey and most recently Massachusetts are now saying the same to the organization that they will fight for the right to offer sports betting within their borders. The need for funds in those states has prompted the change in attitude towards the big league lobby.The sports groups that oppose sports betting say that gambling hurts the integrity of the game. Lawyers for the sports clubs and sports betting proponents will have to provide valid arguments on both sides of each question.

The leagues have gone so far as to threaten to take away teams from states that decide to offer sports betting. This is a move that will hurt the games not preserve their integrity. Sportsbooks in Nevada, offshore and in the United Kingdom have claimed that legal sports betting helps identify cheating and thus protects the integrity of games. In fact the NHL signed a memorandum of understanding with Betfair to identify suspicious betting on it's exchange.

Sports leagues in the states allow some lotteries to use their trademarks as part of the game, and very often casinos advertise at sporting events. Maybe this is a sign that the against lobby group is being unfair in it's approach across the board? In other words it's OK for some types of gambling and not others. The Americans should take lessons from the United Kingdom which has had legal sports betting since 1961 and Australia nearly as long. These countries have stated that sports betting helps with the integrity of sports and that the number of incidents regarding cheating have been minimal. Overseas there are clear rules that players, and coaches or their families are not allowed to wager on games in which they are involved.The issue will be resolved eventually hopefully to the advantage of the players and spectators alike. With the reduction of sponsors for so many sports activities, online gambling operators may be the only way some of these much loved events survive, so it's off to the courts once again.

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