Seven Media Group Ventures Into Online Gambling

Published Tuesday, August 11, 2009 -

Seven Media Group Limited, has purchased the online sportsbetting information and review site Bookmakers for an undisclosed amount. Mr. Pierluigi Buccioli, Bookmakers's founder said that the two businessmen that acquired his company have over 20 years of combined experience developing successful sites in competitive sectors including the travel and financial services industries.

This deal puts Seven Media Group Limited in it first venture into the online gambling market. The new owners of the site stated that they are remaining out of the limelight due to the negative position taken by the US government with regard to online sportsbetting operators. It is reported that the two businessmen are from the USA. They commented that, 'We have been looking to enter the online gambling sector for several years but we didn't want to create just another clone in a sea of 'me too' gambling review sites," adding, "When the opportunity came up to acquire, an esteemed player with a stellar reputation within the industry, we decided to take the plunge." One of the new owners also said, 'The Seven Media Group see this as a major opportunity to build on the existing credibility and respect has gained from players and industry operators alike,'

Pierluigi Buccioli stated that Seven Media Group will provide a number of benefits to including bringing some financial security necessary to hire staff to help manage the site's everyday operations.

'My new partners have the necessary marketing experience and enthusiasm to take to the next level without becoming biased towards the interests of those bookmakers that pay the highest commissions but are not necessarily fair and honest to players,' Buccioli also stated. 'I will continue to manage the rating process probably for the next couple of years until the community itself is mature enough to take it over."

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