Antigua's Online Gambling Studied by South Africa

Published Wednesday, August 12, 2009 -

The National Gambling Board of South Africa is on a fact finding mission in the Caribbean island of Antigua. The tiny nation of Antigua and Barbuda is home to many online gambling operators that offer their products around the world. The Division of Gaming for the Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission, will host the delegates from South Africa until the week is out on the 14th of August. The National Gambling Board of South Africa is the regulatory body responsible for national policy and development for land based gaming and for the supervision of interactive gaming and interactive wagering. The mission is made in an attempt to strengthen ties with other gambling regulators worldwide.

In July of 2008 South Africa enacted remote gaming legislation and is now developing the appropriate regulations. The jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda is one of three jurisdictions selected by the Board to assist in their licensing and regulatory regime.

Mmathebe (Thebi) Moja who is acting Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chairman for the NGB stated, "The NGB as a member of the International Association of Gaming Regulators recognises the FSRC, Division of Gaming of Antigua and Barbuda as a leader in remote gaming regulation, and therefore NGB has chosen to understudy their detailed policy and regulatory framework to strengthen before implementation our legislation that sees to legalise and regulate online gambling."

Althea Crick, the FSRC Chairperson, said, "I am particularly heartened by the selection of the jurisdiction by the NGB as it underscores the confidence placed by the international community on our regulatory and supervisory machinery, it also is a demonstration of the interconnectivity of the global regulatory regime, sharing and working together to achieve and sustain international best practices."

Presentations covered a broad range of regulatory, licencing and supervisory policies, and included meetings with the Minister of Finance, the Economy and Public Administration, the FSRC Board of Directors, and other key government agencies. The goal of the NGB is to gain an understanding of the issues surrounding interactive gaming and interactive wagering.

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