Online Gambling Funds Return Postponed Again

Published Thursday, August 20, 2009 -

A hearing that was to listen to the Account Services motion for the return of property, seized by the Southern District of New York, has been cancelled.

The case which has $14 million USD tied up in the system is now in jeopardy. Attorney Jeff Ifrah stated to 'Poker News Daily' that that counsel for the U.S. Government filed a motion to dismiss the case, which was to be heard in the Southern District of California. Ifrah explained simply, "The Government is in New York and they don't want to travel to California."

Michael Pancer the Account Services attorney, commented, "Motions like this are not uncommon." Mr.Ifrah said, "The judge may deny the Government's motion and instead schedule an evidentiary hearing to listen to witnesses and arguments. Then, he can make a determination of whether the Government had probable cause to seize funds."

Douglas Rennick who FBI Special Agent Dana Conte revealed was one of the signers on the Account Services account, was indicted on charges of bank fraud, money laundering, and illegal gambling. Attorneys for Account Services stated that, "Account Services and Mr. Rennick are separate and distinct legal persons, despite the Government's assertions to the contrary." The indictment claims, "Rennick and his co-conspirators receive funds from offshore internet gambling companies, cause those funds to be wired into United States bank accounts, and then cause the funds to be disbursed through checks payable to United States residents who are seeking to cash out their gambling winnings."

Rennick told officials at the Union Bank that Account Services was "a 'rebate check processor' for 'large retailers' and 'auto dealerships.' Now the return of the money is in questionable waters and the lawyers will once again try to do their best for their clients.

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