Online Gambling Bodog Founder to Speak in Budapest

Published Tuesday, September 01, 2009 -

Calvin Ayre, the Canadian entrepreneur founder of the Bodog online gambling group has come off the island of Antigua to speak, much to the surprise and delight of those affiliates and other online gambling participants who enjoy his advise. He will be returning as keynote speaker at the 2009 Budapest Affiliate Conference, that is scheduled for September 10th to the 13th of this year.

Calvin Ayre's press release says his retirement from the gambling industry was to enable him to concentrate on the Bodog Charitable initiatives. After the USA's UIGEA was imposed he sold his online gambling operation to the Mohawk Gaming Group.

However while hidden from the glare of the media Mr. Ayre has acquired a renewed vision of the Bodog brand, which he has, "...conceived of and developed into one of the most recognizable in the industry." Ayres has consolidated and retained the global rights to the recognized Bodog brand, developing a business to simply license its use to designated brand licensees.
Alex Pratt, organizer of the event in Budapest said, "We are absolutely thrilled that the eminent Calvin Ayre will be joining us at Budapest, " adding, "He is an industry leader with true entrepreneurial genius and we are happy to be able to give this chance for delegates to meet and gain invaluable knowledge from the legend."

Ayre said in response, "I'm very flattered to have been asked to be this year's keynote speaker in Budapest," he continued, "The iGaming space is the birthplace of the Bodog brand, and it remains one of the most dynamic and fascinating sectors in the entertainment space. Thanks to's world-class licensees, each of which brings regional knowledge and expertise to their respective markets, the brand has become truly global - the sun never sets on Bodog now."

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