Maryland USA Task Force to Combat Online Gambling

Published Monday, September 21, 2009 -

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Baltimore Maryland has created the Assets Forfeiture and Financial Crimes task force to go after online gambling operations in the country.

Maryland's U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein a supporter of the previous government is reported to be liked by the new administration. Rosenstein announced the formation of the new task force, because the US Justice Department told his office to "follow the money" when it comes to criminal cases involving finances or mortgage fraud. The "beefing up" of the work done by his office includes investigations involving online gambling in the USA.

Rosenstein's Baltimore office has joined with the US Attorney's Office of New York, the Louisiana State Police and the US Customs Office in their proceedings against online gambling operations. The direction of the task forces efforts will be on the credit card and eCheck processors that work with gambling companies.

Rosenstein, said, "Seizing and forfeiting ill-gotten gains enables us to take the profit out of crime and use the proceeds to compensate victims," adding, "This new unit will work with federal authorities and with state and local officials on a wide range of cases in which federal forfeiture and money laundering statutes can help punish and deter crime. Federal laws allow us to pursue forfeiture of assets for many crimes, including mortgage fraud. Assets subject to forfeiture may include the fruits of crime, such as homes and vehicles purchased with criminal proceeds, and also the instrumentalities of crime, such as computers, vehicles and real estate used by criminals."

Recently reports have surfaced regarding the online Golden Casino being investigated by the unit's undercover agents. Attempts to get the casino to break the rules in the USA proved to be a difficult one for agents who were persistent in it's efforts. They even approached small banks who were convinced that processing transactions for online gambling companies was "not illegal" under current laws in the USA.

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