China and America Use Morality Card at WTO

Published Wednesday, September 23, 2009 -

China is very much against the free distribution of media products, especially from USA and for the most part the government uses the cultural and moral card to restrict imports. The WTO is now examining the Chinese government's appeal to the recent ruling by the organization that China must reduce it's restrictive guidelines in regard to US media deliverables. China is using the moral high ground as the reason to maintain it's state-operated distributors.

The USA tried the same tactic with it's reason for prohibiting online gambling in the USA when it was confronted by the World Trade Organization back in 2006. The WTO found no imperative to limit trade to prevent harm to the morality of US residents, to whom many forms of gambling were readily available.

The two nations are at odds when it comes to allowing each others products to enter on their respective grounds. Restrictions are created by high tax rates for foreign goods and media products. The August ruling against the Chinese may be good news for some western companies such as Microsoft and Apple who will be able to sell music online to mainland Chinese consumers.

The People's Republic of China is not pleased as with most things western this represents an invasion of more than just music it is a cultural invasion of sorts that the government of China would rather not deal with. It's a similar situation in America where the government would like to keep its citizens safe from the e commerce invasion that is making its way around the planet. Online gambling is a fact in American. Western music will one day be a fact in China. Hopefully the WTO will keep the world trading on a level playing field.

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