Contentious Online Gambling Health Care Bill Axed

Published Thursday, September 24, 2009 -

It sounded like a thing that was too good to be true and even a bit bold in political terms. Take one very contentious issue and add yet another issue that gets the voters up off their chairs and before you know it the politicians clam up and go home to protect their positions. Online gambling changes are not going to pass when almost everyone who opposes it is already opposing health care reform in the USA.

Senator Ron Wyden's proposed bill to legalize and regulate online gambling for the purposes of funding a portion of health care reforms has been pulled and the senator has moved on to other things on his agenda.

Jennifer Hoelzer, Wyden's director of communications, commented" The last thing Senator Wyden wants to do is make it more difficult to expand subsidies for working families by introducing a new contentious issue to the debate" adding" So when he offers the amendment, he will do it with other funding mechanisms."

Regan LaChapelle, spokesman for Senator Harry Reid's office said, "Changing the laws regarding online gaming is a significant detour from healthcare, a detour that Senator Reid agrees is not appropriate at this time"

Representative Jim McDermott a Democrat from Washington and Barney Frank both voiced their support for the bill that Wyden has axed.

"Money's money. If that's the price we pay, that's the price" "I would consider adding it." said, McDermott. Frank said" It's a great idea" "Why should we leave all that money untaxed?"

Franks proposal to undo the damage done by the prohibition on online gambling in the USA is currently co sponsored by 58 Representatives. The boldness of his proposition was going to get another reason and a good old fashioned financial one. Now as per the usual the political will is not there to move forward and make everything work. Under the Democrat controlled congress, the likelihood of the Franks proposal passing is much higher than it was originally when introduced a very long time ago.

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