Online Gambling Accounts Seized Again in USA

Published Friday, September 25, 2009 -

More bank accounts connected to online gambling have been seized by the Maryland US Attorney's Office. This comes as no real surprise for those following the scene and those who are sure the USA doesn't know where it's headed in the regulating and enforcing of the rules in that country.

A company called Forshay Enterprises, Inc., owns the six accounts with the Wachovia Bank. Authorities claim the funds are related to money laundering activity.

Electracash, Inc. is also a company that has had it's accounts seized in the last few weeks by the Attorney's office. New York and Maryland have long been active in attempting to stop what is now a multi-billion dollar Internet gambling industry.

Most of the accounts seized as part of the current investigation by Baltimore authorities are located in California cities near Los Angeles La Habra, Anaheim, and Long Beach, though one is in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and another in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The most recent seizure case, which was made public on Sept. 23 on the federal courts online service, PACER, involved the six Wachovia accounts. Little is known of the Louisiana State Police role in this cooperative investigation other than that they are fully involved.

The current seizures of these new accounts bring the total number believed to be associated with online gambling to 15. U.S. District Court magistrate Judge James Bredar signed the warrant on Aug. 28, based on a sealed affidavit provided by Richard S. Gunn, an Anne Arundel County police detective and ICE task-force officer, who requested the Forshay account seizures, court documents reveal.

Forshay, "owns, manages and controls," The company's "network of product and service affiliates provide with a worldwide presence encompassing business services, internet consulting services and consumer product lines allowing them to compete in the global e-commerce world." this information is according to one of it's web locations.

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