Eastern European Football Under Investigation

Published Saturday, September 26, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

According to the Guardian.com.uk, European football's governing body announced it will be investigating forty Champions League and Uefa Cup games for suspected match-fixing. Clubs from eastern Europe were of the most interest to the officials, who stated the games were early qualifying rounds fifteen of which were played in the two years while the others within the last four or five years.

It is thought that there are no English clubs or big European names involved.

The head of disciplinary services at Uefa, Peter Limacher,said: "Right now it's mainly eastern Europe clubs being investigated. They know they are not going to be involved later in the tournament and they are going out, so decide, 'Let's make a profit.' "In the cases we have seen it's really the deliberate planned fix of the games, the whole games. First the result at half-time, then after 90 minutes. It might take some time to convict but, in cases where we can work together with the police, that might be possible." Uefa has promised to work with national associations to fund a monitoring programme across 29,000 fixtures in the top two divisions of all 53 member countries as well as its own competitions.

Uefa's president, Michel Platini,has made the fight against corruption a key priority of his tenure speaking at the Uefa's inaugural betting and integrity workshop that fixing matches "takes away their raison d'être, deprives them of the magic of competition and is ultimately killing football".

Uefa was alerted that there may be some irregularities when bookmakers reported suspicious betting patterns. This is just the tip of the iceberg as online gambling becomes more prevalent then the opportunity for match fixing especially in eastern Europe where regulations are not as clear to the players who are not as well paid as some of the big league teams.

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