Online Roulette Better Than the Real Thing

Published Tuesday, October 06, 2009 -

Online roulette is very much like the real thing. Now there are roulette tournaments online offering a creative way to make money. French mathematician Blaise Pascal gets the credit for inventing roulette back in the seventeenth century. Roulette also has a strange reputation as being 'the devils game' but only because it consists of the numbers one through thirty six which add up to six, six, six. It took a hundred years for the game to transform itself into a gamblers pleasure. A game that is today one of the most popular wagering past times in the world.

The European style of roulette engages a wheel with pockets numbered from 1-36 plus the 'number' zero. Wagers can be placed on individual numbers or by choice a combination of numbers. This process gives players the chance to win thirty five times their original bet.

Online roulette is interface oriented. The software gives you the feeling you are at the wheel. As you chose the chip value and place it on the numbered location the software gives the player information such as the name of the bet, the odds it could pay out and the number and amounts other people have placed on that spot. Chip selection for outside bets is automatically a minimum table amount.

InterCasino's weekly roulette tournament is a fun way to get involved. Malta E.U. licenced InterCasino is one of the first casinos in the online gaming industry having launched in 1996. It is powered by Cryptologic and does not accept players from the USA. This week's tournament is Euro Roulette from 5th - 11th October, 2009. The casino will give you £500 and your challenge is to compete against other players to end up as one of the top six players, with the highest balance, after 30 minutes play. Check out roulette, most good casinos offer it and some have different versions.

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