Right2Bet Online Gambling Petition Takes Flight

Published Tuesday, October 06, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

Players unite is the latest buzz on the internet as online gamblers present a petition to be signed by all interested gamers wanting some rights. The Right2Bet campaign will access the provision in the so called Lisbon Treaty in Europe known as the 'Citizens Initiative'. The provision states if a petition of one million signatures is created it will force the European Union Parliament to take action on any matter on their agenda.

The Right2Bet campaign's purpose is to use this proviso to persuade the Member States in the EU that control online gambling to liberalize and adhere to more liberal policies with regard to the activity. If successful, the petition will become one of the first citizens' policy proposals.

France and Germany have been undergoing reform measures to comply with the European Union's inclusive rules when it comes to online gambling in those countries. These nations represent two of Europe's larger economies and are therefore watched closely for policy changes. France is close to finalizing new online gambling legislation and is already finding some online gambling operators pushing the limits of the rules as they stand at this moment.

Some nations are not going to reform their rules to conform to the E.U. mandate for free trade including e commerce among E.U. member states. The Netherlands and Portugal have refused to comply and are maintaining their state run monopolist online casinos, sportsbooks and lotteries. Reforms have also been made in other large markets, including Italy and Spain but more towards liberalization.

The Right2Bet petition is open for Americans and Canadians to sign on the net, where there is a prohibition on online gambling activities. It is hoped that if this petition is successful in the European forum it will pressure governments in the USA and Canada to follow suit and realize the benefits of a regulated but free online gambling market.

The Poker Players Alliance, which has acquired the one millionth signature mark has become the model for the Right2Bet campaign. The Poker Players Alliance petition is expected to influence the federal government in USA to reverse the ban on online gambling there.

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