Gambling Help Online Launched in Australia

Published Wednesday, October 07, 2009 -

Since Tasmania has finally made the bold move to let online gambling companies set up shop on the island and hopefully attract a significant job base they have also been pro-active in offering support for those who may have trouble keeping within their limits.

The 'Gambling Help Online' program has been just announced by the Minister for Human Services, Lin Thorp, in Hobart. Calling on all States and Territories to join in on the national launch of a world-first online gambling counselling and support service.

Thorp, said, "the new service would give Tasmanians who had issues with problem gambling the option of getting help online should they be unable or reluctant to do so face-to-face." As an initiative of the Ministerial Council on Gambling and after extensive research, Gambling Help Online is the first of its type to provide 24/7 free and confidential live chat, email counselling and support services. Professional counsellors with expertise in problem gambling. Also the option to seek assistance anonymously, or to register with the service to keep a record of online discussions is available. Web links for educational and self help content are made easily.

"We are living in an online world, and this is a fantastic new resource that will complement the range of existing services available to respond to problem gambling issues," Lin Thorp said. She continued, " The online self assessment tools are based on research on the common signs and consequences of problem gambling. It is acknowledged that for some it is difficult to know where to start, but these online assessment tools are a very positive first step."  A safe, confidential and non-threatening environment is a good place to begin talking. The website can help straighten out those sometimes confusing issues. Any attempt to help is appreciated by those who need it.

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