Research on Online Gambling Moves Mountains

Published Sunday, October 11, 2009 -

For some taking time to slow down for a little break means connecting to the internet and playing a few games to relax. Now many of us have experienced the frustration of not being able to go on the internet. Is it that we are addicted to the net or are we just enjoying that past time too much. A little of both research suggests. Professors in each and every corner of the planet are doing massive studies on the effect of online gambling on young people today. Some of the advisors to industry suggest that the research is flawed in the way it's conducted.

Is gambling online more of a social habit than anything else? Facebook for example has sort of encouraged online poker, and many other social networking companies have attempted to exploit the interest people have in poker on the web. Experience teaches a valuable lesson.... when it's working everyone is happy and when it's not there is misery. The internet is different, it feels like people are connected and when a lot of people are all having a good time, the world doesn't seem like such a bad place.

That's when research steps in and tells us that gambling is becoming a college pastime for young men a trend they say by the rush young people get when they see success. We are training a generation through the media of all sorts to seek the thrill of success on the internet. Even before, the media of old used the slogan for sports TV " the thrill of victory,the agony of defeat." Researchers may be making a mountain out of a mole hill but at the same time it is prudent to keep tabs on the progress of problems that could develop especially among youth on the internet playing for money. When this becomes an obsession creating financial difficulties then the administrators should not turn a blind eye to the issues of online gambling or internet addiction. These are serious concerns for the parents and the lawmakers. It is also very difficult to take the part of human nature that likes to feel connected out of our behaviour. Research on online gambling can keep us all informed of trends, and then be able to forestall any problems down the road. Keep those facts and figures coming we need the knowledge to make things better.

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