Thousands Arrested in Thai Online Gambling Crack Down

The many Asian jurisdictions have provided an opportunity for illegal betting to be the channel by which money is laundered. The one jurisdiction that has been getting press is the Thai government’s attempt to stem the tide of ordinary people being duped by unscrupulous operators. The authorities in that part of the world are taking some extreme measures to show they mean business.

The Bangkok Post recently revealed that those who were promoting gambling on the FIFA World Cup in Russia were in trouble with Phanurat Lakboon, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, as director of an operation against World Cup football gambling, said that the suspects who advertised or encourage others to gamble would face a maximum prison term of one year and or a maximum fine of 1,000 baht.  The police plan was to summon and charge around 100 celebrities and online beauty presenters for allegedly promoting illegal football gambling websites.

The Royal Thai Police will work together with the Anti-Money Laundering Office to seize assets of 3,199 people arrested between Jan 1 and May 31 in football gambling cases. The amount of paper work and legal council efforts in Thailand must be enormous.

Now the Bangkok Post has revealed that police have detained as many as 3,000 gamblers and bookies nationwide in the four days since the World Cup began, with thirty six financial institutions and phone service operators contributing to shutting down online gambling activity.

The authorities in Thailand are having a much more difficult time controlling online gambling and suspected money laundering with the wide use of mobile and the availability the task is overwhelming. Three thousand people arrested also sounds like a big problem for the government. It has been four years since the last World Cup competition and the police say there is at least four times more crime related to illegal gambling and money laundering.



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U.K. Labour Party Critical Of Government FOBT Delay

Keeping governments realistic comes from the opposition parties who are there to criticise and keep current legislators feet to the fire. The latest political fallout in the U.K. comes in the form of the opposition Labour Party accusing the UK government of being “fundamentally weak” after it was revealed that a delay until 2020 would be implemented on the restrictions proposed on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs). It was announced by the government earlier that the maximum stake on the FOBTs would be cut from £100 to just £2.

According to The Times a later transition date has been agreed by the Treasury, suggesting that it was unlikely changes would be until 2019 because of the need for parliamentary approval for the introduction of a new statutory instrument.

The Labour Party’s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, said to the Guardian newspaper, “Capitulating to a two-year delay is a pathetic move from a fundamentally weak government,” Watson added, “Those who praised the government when the announcement was made will feel badly let down. They are already rolling back on their promises and allowing these machines to ruin more lives.”

 An increase in the tax rate on online gaming will be introduced before the cuts on FOBTs stakes.

A spokesperson for the Campaign for Fairer Gambling commented, “Unbelievably, Treasury thinks it takes two years for the bookmakers to run a software update on their server-based FOBTs to remove games they should never have been allowed in the first place.”

 “Somehow Treasury has given the bookies a longer transition period than it’ll take the government to negotiate Brexit. The delay will mean hundreds of thousands more people experiencing harm before the gambling addiction gateway of high speed, high stakes roulette is removed.” Operators are confused as to who is pulling the strings on this contentious issue.  




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Paddy Power Supports LGBT+ At The FIFA World Cup

What do ex-Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, former rugby star Gareth Thomas and referee Nigel Owens, ex-swimmer Mark Foster, England women's football international Lianne Sanderson, choreographer Louie Spence, and Christopher Biggins have to do with online gambling is keeping all everyday gamblers in a fog because these people are high-profile campaign supporters of the LGBT community and the reason these names will become known to gamblers on the Paddy Power platform.

The iconic company has launched a 2018 FIFA World Cup LBGT+ donation campaign in partnership with Attitude magazine. A bold move for this outgoing firm that feels the need to bring attention to the situation LGBTQ participants face while involved in the FIFA World Cup experience.

The known gambling services provider has pledged to donate £10,000 in its ‘Rainbow Russians’ initiative with agency Synergy for every goal scored by the Russian team in the tournament. There has been a promise made of a minimum donation of £50,000 to the LGBT+ community to contribute to the “challenge LGBT+ prejudice on and off the field, support footballers and those in the game in coming out, fund educational programmes in schools and colleges and make grass-roots teams safe spaces for LGBT+ players.”

The spokesperson for Paddy Power’s commented on the campaign, "Given they invented Russian Dolls, you’d be forgiven for thinking Russia wouldn’t have an issue with women being into other women.

"Likewise, their appreciation for bears is one shared around the world by the LGBT+ population, so it really is astonishing that they have not used their stewardship of this tournament to champion LGBT+ inclusivity.”

An interest is changing the world into a more inclusive place is the ultimate goal of some companies that seize the opportunity and act. Paddy Power aims to please and profit in publicity that provokes and is remembered by everyone.





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Italy's New Government to Ban Online Gambling Advertizing

Italy is again doing whatever it can to slow down the activities of the online gambling consumer. The Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Luigi Di Maio, has issued a so-called ‘dignity decree’ prompting the move to continue plans to ban advertising for online betting services and products. Di Maio, is the leader of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, which is the biggest political party in the newly elected coalition government.

The decree said there will be a “prohibition of gambling advertising.”  The new government also maintains it will implement, “strict limits on forms of gambling that allow repeated bets” as well as a “complete ban” on any gambling focused sponsorships.

Although the authorities are aiming to reduce the number of gambling terminals by 33 percent the minister has insisted that there is no desire to ban online gambling absolutely. Mr.Di Maio, who also hold the the Minister for Economic Development, Labour and Social Policies, portfolios has said that the efforts to curtail online gambling will begin with a ban on advertizing for internet betting.

Before the March elections in April Italy’s gambling regulator Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) got applications for a licences to operate an online gambling enterprise from eighty firms. Each license fee costs €200,000 ($250,000) and many companies applied for multiple licenses. Some large firms have applied such as Bet365, PokerStars, Luckia, Videoslots and Lottomatica to offer online betting products and services in the Italian jurisdiction which if granted will run until the end of 2022. The new legislators also tabled anti-money laundering rules for licensed operators recently. The new measures now require operators to adopt a more complex system for registering new customers. The registration form it was proposed should contain a number of obligatory data fields for new customers.  

The gambling industry is bit confused right now with the government granting licenses but moving to restrict the activity.



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Another US Jurisdiction Votes To Legalize Online Gambling

It appears the anti online gambling critics are losing the legal battle against the implementation of legal online betting in a number of jurisdictions in the USA. The most recent being news that the creation of a Lawful Internet Gaming Act may soon be a reality in the State of Michigan.

A vote of 68 for and 40 against was passed in the House to regulate versions of licensed casino games. The senate must support the proposed bill before being signed off by the Governor. Critics of the move maintain it creates the problem of gambling addiction. Rep. Brandt Iden of Portage said, “We have to recognize that this is already going on in the state of Michigan," adding, "This is going on illegally. It’s illegal to do so, and it’s important that we regulate this to protect our citizens.”

Rep. Iden sponsored two of the three bills on the table, says online gaming could provide millions of dollars in revenue for the beleaguered state. Iden commented, “We’ve got a directive in the bill to ensure more money for k-12 education, our school aide fund," Iden continued,  "We’ve got money going to infrastructure and the roads, and then money for the city of Detroit” adding, “The Michigan websites will have strict state oversight, unlike the illegal and unregulated sites our resident use now, at great risk to their finances and personal information.”

Paula Musilek, a gambling addiction councillor at Harbor Hall in Petoskey said, “Gambling addiction is as serious of a problem as cocaine addiction," Musilek continued, “Certainly the state would have more, probably more control, more insight, and definitely benefit financially, but it also just broadens the ability and the opportunity to gamble, and that’s a concern,”

Iden concluded, “People in Michigan are already gambling over the internet, but they are doing so at risky and illegal websites.”  



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FIFA World Cup Wagering A Worry In The Netherlands

The FIFA World Cup is by far the most prestigious association football tournament in the world as well as the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world, better even than those statistics on the Olympic Games; the cumulative audience of all matches of the 2006 FIFA World Cup was estimated to be 26.29 billion with an estimated 715.1 million people watching the final match, a ninth of the entire population of the planet. This June 14th 2018 will start the tournament which will end on July 15th with 32 teams from 5 federations competing in 11 host cities and 12 venues in Russia.

The teams are arriving and the excitement is building for this the twenty first World Cup, that is awarded to a different jurisdiction every four years. The condition of over seven hundred players is being watched closely by book makers and analysts from every corner.

Governments of nations such as the Netherlands are looking at the potential impact that gambling on the World Cup would have on its citizens especially the youth who are very interested in the FIFA championship.  Action is being taken by the Netherlands gambling authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), which has recently launched a new focus on underage gambling and identifying unauthorised betting offered to the people of the Netherlands. There is but one authorized gambling operator in the jurisdiction Toto as a division of the Dutch lottery.

The KSA stated, “The gaming authority acts against illegal gambling providers because there is no control on the fairness of the game, the detection of gambling addiction and the participation of vulnerable groups, such as minors,” adding, “Young people form a vulnerable group; gambling providers must make every effort to prevent minors from participating. The gaming authority would like to hear from parents, teachers, friends or other people involved whether they take part in sports betting by minors.”


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South Korean Cybercrime Authorities Halt Illegal Gambling

The South Korea’s Cybercrime Investigation Unit of the Southern Provincial Police Department conducted an investigation into alleged illegal online gambling by Coinone, the third largest crypto currency exchange in South Korea for ten months prior to the charges being revealed.

Two executives and the Chief Executive Officer of the exchange were charged for facilitating illegal online gambling through the company’s margin trading operation. As many as twenty exchange traders were under the microscope by the authorities. The recommendation for the prosecution by the authorities is that the traders in question be made guilty of “gambling illegally,” a crime in South Korea under Chapter 23 of the Criminal Act.

Margin trading is the practice trading a financial asset on credit. The attraction to traders lies within the added financial leverage which can increase gains. It is also risky and can lead to huge losses. There is little regulation in the crypto currency market not like the heavily regulated margin trading in the USA.  The Federal Reserve Board, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority all oversee this aspect of the exchange.

The police are justifying their investigation by bringing to light the illegal  gambling element which is taken very seriously in South Korea. Coinone’s margin trading offering was “based on gambling because it did not have permission from the authorities.” It was suggested that it could also be used for money laundering of criminal activity. Financial information firm Investopedia has said that margin trading is “risky” and so is “best left to sophisticated traders and high-net worth investors who are conversant with its risks.”Adding, “The average investor will be better off investing for the long term in a cash account, rather than trading for the short-term in a margin account,”

It was interesting to note the investigation focused on only 20 users because of the high-volume of their trades, which collectively amounted to over 3 billion won ($2.78 million).



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Tennis Master Raphael Nadal Wins "Musketeers’ Trophy"

Tennis has gained a lot of ground when it comes to the global attention the sport is acquiring. Enormous pressure is put on the top players to perform at the edge of their capacity and win the coveted trophies prize money and endorsements.

Rafael Nadal has won the La Coupe des Mousquetaires, this is the 11th time he has won the honour of having the “Musketeers’ Trophy” in his collection.  

Nadal is known as "The King of Clay", he is widely regarded as the greatest clay court player in history. Nadal's evolution into an all-court threat has established him as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

There were some tense moments for the punters who had money of the champion when there was a brief sign of trouble for the veteran tennis player. Nadal experienced  the middle finger on his left hand cramping very badly. The trainer came to check in the middle of a service game and Nadal carried on to win the match.

“It was not a normal cramping,” Nadal said after the win. “For me, [it] was scary. I was not able to move the hand, the finger…after a couple of minutes, I still had the same feeling.”

The injury time out created a stir with fans of the player with relative uncle Toni Nadal former coach revealing he was concerned. Raphael’s worthy opponent, the 24-year-old Dominic Thiem, accomplished a major hurdle by reaching his first career Grand Slam final. But he was in awe of what Nadal has done at Roland Garros, both this year and throughout his career. Nadal’s major rival Roger Federer who has twenty career Grand Slam titles compared to Nadal’s seventeen will be back on the clay court this year just in time for the US Open after taking time out from clay the whole season.



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William Hill Keeps World Darts Championship Sponsorship Title

The world of professional sport is varied and sometimes complicated and yet some sports are easy to like such as darts.Watching a darts tournament at the professional level can be really exciting. William Hill has extended an arrangement to remain the title sponsor of the World Darts Championship.The extended deal will continue on to the 2022 tournament. Not only has the competition become stronger interest has also grown enormously.

The William Hill World Darts Championship, is organised by the Professional Darts Corporation. The 2014 and 2015 PDC World Champions collected £250,000 for their respective wins. In 2018, the prize fund will be increased to £1.8 million, with the World Champion receiving over £400,000. for the overall winner, a record 92 competitors have entered.

Chairman of event organising for the Professional Darts Corporation, Barry Hearn, commented on the continued support from William Hill,  “The backing of our great sponsors at William Hill and worldwide broadcasters led by Sky Sports has been matched by the incredible interest from fans who flock to Alexandra Palace every Christmas and watch around the globe.”

Hearn continued,  “The World Championship has grown year-on-year in the decade since our move from the Circus Tavern to Alexandra Palace, which is the perfect home for such a prestigious event.

“Our worldwide growth, in particular through our affiliated tours, has seen greater interest than ever for spots from around the globe as emerging players battle to compete on the biggest stage in darts.”


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Political Satire Online Casinos Slots Are Fun

There is just too much to choose from when it comes to online gambling slot game offerings. Now on a lighter side, poking political fun at the world leaders and calling attention to the games being played. There are a few slots influenced by the global politics recently and it is refreshing to see casino game developers not worried about controversy.

The Rocket Men slot by Red Tiger Gaming was released not so long ago and the moment you start playing this slot the features are revealed as two big "rocket men" in the news, North Korea's Kim Jong-un and President of the United States Donald Trump. The slot is created around the conflict between the two leaders. Funny, military-like music plays in the background and war-like symbols like warrior ducks, Rocket Men comes with several entertaining features like Nuclear Spins, Don's Driving Range, Kim's Little Game, and Boom Time, and the go ahead to fire some missiles.

Critical of the establishment with a comic edge these offerings give loads of entertainment to those who like these playing political slots. The Betsense slot Dictator is something again. Developers at Betsense  gathered the world's worst current and past dictators in a single slot.  If you know your dictators, you probably know what to expect on the reels, as the game features all of the historically proven villains with a sort of revenge approach.

Yet another game in this genre is Fugaso’s Trump. It is a slot all about global politics. On the reels, you'll find many well-known politicians such as Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, etc. The game itself is fairly simple as it doesn't have as many special features as Rocket Men, but it does have flashy graphics and funny music, just enough entertainment value with the fear we will plunge into chaos at any time.

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