Online Gambling Pal Starts Petition Against Greyhound Racing

Published Saturday, August 14, 2010 -

In some instances gambling can have consequences that are hard to see, and in the case of greyhound racing mystery surrounds the fate of the old racing dogs. Online gambling has an ethical side that surfaces when charity poker tournaments are organized or work is done by successful online gambling operators to help people in disaster zones with financial aid.
One Jack Mason of is organizing a petition that he hopes will bring attention to the cruel treatment of greyhounds used for British dog racing.
Mr. Mason commented, "I refuse to profit from greyhound betting and racing which perpetuates horrible, inhumane cruelty to racing dogs," he added, "Greyhound races and Galgo hunting and the treatment the dogs receive are more like scenes from a horror movie. I urge my colleagues to check their websites and remove any content which promotes, encourages or facilitates greyhound betting and racing."
Mason went on to say that Spain is ranked number one and Great Britain comes in second place for the excessive treatment of these dogs.
In England an annual £2.5 billion is spent on greyhound betting a vast amount of money that depends on breeding programs and exploitation of these beautiful animals. Mason contends that 80% of the dogs bred in Ireland are shipped to England for a tidy profit. Greyhounds that don’t perform well at dog tracks are discarded as test animals for medical laboratories and university classrooms.
The United States comes in third on Mason's list of countries that exceed the normal passion for the dog racing sport. The U.S.A. is showing positive signs of improvement. Dog racetracks are loosing ground during the economic slowdown in the U.S.
An estimated twenty dog tracks are still active in the U.S.A. some with limited budgets and the dogs are the first to suffer from cut backs.
Jack Mason calls on the nations of Spain, Britain, and America to put a stop to the cruelty to the greyhounds that give the gambler so much in return.

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