Gambling Technology Strategies 2011 Coming Soon

Published Tuesday, March 01, 2011 -

In the next five years most of the technologies we are currently getting used to will be obsolete. That is just how fast the technologies of the internet and computers are moving with changes coming even faster than anyone can accurately predict. Keeping up with online gambling opportunities means staying ahead of the technology curve and making the best of what is available.

The Remote Gambling Association will host a conference on Tuesday, April 5th through Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 highlighting the technology of the hugely lucrative online gambling industry. The event entitled Gambling Technology Strategies 2011 venue is London’s  Le Méridien Piccadilly. 

The RGA is a London and Brussels located trade association representing licensed for gambling purposes members in Europe. Some of the Association’s members are not only internet based but also operate land based operations and are some of the largest operators on the planet. The RGA promotes regulated and safe remote gambling for responsible and licensed internet gambling establishments in the world wide online gambling industry.

This event is a must for anyone who is trying to keep up with new developments such as live casinos, mobile gaming and in play betting.  The question on all operators’ minds is what are the next big thing in 2011 and the future. Along with advances in technology come major hurdles for ethics and politics. The opening up of gambling markets in Europe has been keeping certain needed technologies advancing. Underage use of gambling services, security of private information, and data mining are all driven by advancements in the technologies for online gambling. The event will provide much needed and valuable information on the latest trends such as social gambling and how that is affecting the different types of gambling that are more solitary and machine oriented.
Payment methods are also on the agenda for the Gambling Technology Strategies 2011 event and how even payment methods can be a draw for emerging markets.




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