Online Poker Pros Support Phil Ivey vs Tiltware

Published Friday, July 01, 2011 -

The surging interest in poker has been well established in most parts of the planet and while some people may think of the game as a game of chance others see the intense concentration and skill required to play. Online poker has been giving poker players an opportunity to excel quickly and learn fast fuelling a media appetite for the events. Poker heroes have been created and now have a say in the way the player is treated by the poker room operators. Enter the issue regarding one of pokers greatest players of all time, Phil Ivey.

During the recent debacle with the US Department of Justice and Full Tilt Poker, players were left out in the cold when it came to getting their funds restored to there accounts. Phil Ivey took the problem seriously and decided to sue the parent company of Full Tilt Poker Tiltware. Mr. Ivey has had a few other professional poker players say they are in full support of Ivey’s decision. Ivey is boycotting the World Series of Poker to show his solidarity with Full Tilt’s US members patiently waiting to be reimbursed. Tiltware said in a statement that referred to Ivey’s lawsuit as “self-serving” and “frivolous.”

PokerStars professional and supporter of Ivey’s endeavors, Daniel Negreanu, said,  “I admire that he’s willing to give up something like the WSOP, that I know is so important to him, for what he thinks is principally right.”  Tiltware’s response was described as “low class” and Negreanu noted how the company still hasn’t made a concrete statement regarding player funds despite taking only a single day to make a concrete statement regarding Ivey’s lawsuit.
Negreanu, who is currently participating in the World Series of Poker, concluded by saying “I couldn’t walk these halls with a patch on for a company that is keeping people on the rail.”  PokerStars, has started to return player funds while Full Tilt just may do so also now they have reportedly sold the firm to European investors.



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