Online Gambling Regulations In U.K. Set to Change

Published Wednesday, July 13, 2011 -

The United Kingdom was one of the first jurisdictions to embrace online wagering and regulate and license the activity with benefits for the consumer and government not to mention the operators.

Allowing the past time to flourish and gain momentum in the U.K. the Chancellor of the Exchequer has seen serious revenue generated for the tax coffers over the past years. The advent of Black Friday as the USA Department of Justice crackdown on internet poker is called brought serious sober thought to many jurisdictions as they watched the USA indict and seize the domains of Full Tilt and Absolute Poker.

The UK was considering a refurbishing its online gambling licensing regime even before the DoJ shredding of online poker in the US.
British Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has proposed changes to the way online operators are regulated and the way their advertizing can be distributed. A new accounting method is likely to be on the agenda for changes as well as the way player’s personal information is handled giving the punter more protection against fraud and corruption. Advertizing rules and regulations by offshore operators is about to see change also with sports teams jersey sponsorships at the heart of this new legislation.

The number of online gambling sponsors in the Premier League in the U.K. is huge with many being affected directly should new rules come to pass. Good deals on sports team sponsorships may be had for those operators that have their act together ahead of the legislative amendments proposed by the Culture Minister.
Online gambling operators with their eyes on the road ahead will be able to benefit from the proposed changes. Major European gambling brands have already looked at the regime in the U.K. and are preparing a viable strategy to take full advantage of possible new proposals when Mr. Hunt gets his way in one of the world’s most frequented jurisdictions for online gaming.


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