Gambling Portal Webmasters Association Seal Sought by Low Risk Winner

Published Tuesday, September 13, 2011 -

According to a recent press release the U.K. online gambling web site Low Risk Winner, will apply for an accreditation from the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association. Low Risk Winner is a unique, clear and user friendly site listing all the best bookmaker, casino, poker and bingo promotions. The site is operated by a team of UK based webmasters and was launched in July of 2010. Since then the site has grown to offer a wide range of gambling related promotions.

The seal of approval from the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association or GPWA would add even more substance to the already reputable gambling site. The GPWA was founded in 2001 as a professional organization of online gambling affiliates from every corner of the globe. Only members that abide by the strict GPWA code of conduct, which ensures the highest ethical standard are accepted by the respected group.

Low Risk Winner, co-founder Ryan Sheader, commented on the application, “Speaking from experience, the web is not like it used to be, barriers to entry are much lower. Web presence is easily attainable at a very low price, and this can mean poor quality websites. This is particularly true in the gambling affiliate industry, where in some cases very little value is offered to consumers, in order to make a fast buck. At Low Risk Winner we are different, providing our customers with information extending beyond just banner advertisements and links. It is for this reason we have applied for The GPWA Seal of Approval, to be recognized that we provide more for our customers.”
Sheader said previously, "We have seen several free bet sites on the web currently, nearly all of them contain lots of flashy adverts on their home pages, and no explanation of the offers terms. We wanted our site and offers to be clear and user friendly. We will keep it as ad free as possible for as long as possible, and we always include the full terms of sports offers and also a terms breakdown.”




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