UK Lawyer Reveals Cricket Matchfixing Syndicates in India

Published Friday, October 14, 2011 -

Variety is the optimum word for the number of sports related bets one can place in the world of online gambling. Statistics have proven beyond any question that cricket is the most bet on sport in the world today.  During the 2010 World Cup in the West Indies, each match drew bets worth £3 to 4 million. In contrast, the Indian Premier League, which preceded the T20 World Cup by a scant few days, realized wagers  amounting to over £12 million per match on Betfair’s online gambling web site.

Legal online bets on a licensed and regulated betting site such as Betfair are an indication of the fair and square aspect of cricket gambling. With these large amounts being put into the gambling pool there is strong motivation that spot fixing or outright match fixing to occur.
The high profile trial in the UK of the Pakistani cricketers accused of match fixing had the prosecution lawyer revealing to the court that India had illegal wagering syndicates operated by so called “ shadowy figures. ” The lawyer described the syndicates as mere conduits for $50 billion worth of bets within the cricket playing industry.

The respected International Cricket Council has been trying to get the government of India to regulate and legalize cricket wagering. The Council maintains the legalization of betting operations will reduce or stop bribes or fixes within the sport of Cricket. The idea is sound but in practice experts feel it will not change the fixing activity because things are very different from a time when a few captains or officials were paid to look the other way or put in a less experienced player and thus loose a game.
Experts also point to the fact that online gambling has changed the way people win or loose bets. Online wagering web sites it was suggested are a lot like the stock market with international villains tweaking the market to make money. Odds are determined by the amount of money placed on the event, the instant odds rates are vulnerable to insider information much like insider stock market trading, it is lucrative but illegal.



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