Anonymous Online Poker to Be Offered By 188BET

Published Tuesday, January 08, 2013 -

Bodog’s Recreational Poker Model was introduced with some critics out to scuttle the anonymous tables idea. Now after a year of success the model is being introduced by 188BET with its recently launched Microgaming poker software. Bodog had the aim of creating a more level field to play on, one that was free of tracking tools and data miners that preyed on the casual player armed with the statistics and profiles. Established players on the internet poker circuit voiced their disdain for the new anonymous concept saying they had lost an advantage that the tracking sites offered.

By their own admission these sharks put players at risk of losing because of accessible and available knowledge on the internet data mining sites. Microgaming was already using a version of anonymous tables before Bodog introducsed their recreational model to the world of poker. Vice president Jonas Odman of the Bodog Network clarified things by stating back in 2011 that their interpretation and implementation of the software differed from Bodog’s version. “At those sites, [anonymous tables] are an alternative to normal tables,”

Odman also pointed out that it is up to the player to chose an anonymous table to sit down at. Learning more about how some players feed off of others is part of knowing the options available to the poker fan. Knowing that you’re not just being played as bait for those looking at your track record or those watching how you much you deposit or how many games you have won recently is an advantage for a fairer game based on real skill. 188BET is owned by Cube Limited, which is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man. Primarily a sports book the poker room at 188BET is teaming with players who now have the choice of Microgaming software anonymous tables to enjoy.

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