Conflict Over Online Gambling Again in Australia

Published Sunday, January 13, 2013 -

While many of us in other parts of the world do not pay much attention to the political scene in Australia there is a growing movement there that has a conflict of interest when it comes to online gambling. A recent article posted in the World News Australian web page brings to us an interesting subject that involves political contributions from an online gambling investor. An organization called GetUp! launched its website on 1 August 2005. GetUp describes itself as "a new independent political movement to build a progressive Australia" It identifies campaigns based on the interests of its members, which are usually issues such as "social justice, economic fairness and environmental sustainability"

Now the report indicates the group is conflicted over donations made to it by Mr Roger Allen, a major investor in NextGen which is a developer of "massively profitable" online poker and slot machine games. It was confirmed however that GetUp! will continue to accept donations from Mr Allen. He was GetUp's largest individual donor over the last two years with over $100,000 in contributions to the group. NextGen billed itself as "the largest independent developer of games servicing the global market for gambling entertainment ..." and aimed to create "the next wave of player excitement". It was suggested in the article that the group is using double standards and should return the contributions from the developer and apologize to the members.

GetUp's claim that it will conduct some sort of review of its donations process while continuing to take Mr Allen's money is thougt to just be lip service to those who are critical of the process. The Greens which is GetUp's largest political beneficiary - should condemn GetUp's acceptance of these funds. This instance is another example of the confusing and conflicted political scene around online gambling issues in Australia.

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