OLG Online Gambling Proposal Slow to Come About

Published Monday, January 14, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com

Ontario Canada has been a place where change is relatively slow and when it comes to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation that means really slow and cautiously too. Ontario is home to Canada’s largest city Toronto which is a world class destination even though it doesn’t have a bricks and mortar casino just yet. Toronto has been waffling back and forth on a proposal to build one somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. Debate is ongoing and the statistics are constantly changing according to prepares them. On the other side of the fence are those who want to see online gambling come of age in Ontario.

There are those who see the OLG dragging its feet on the idea and those who feel that they are moving way too fast to keep up with the required safety nets to protect youth and problem gamblers in the province. The OLG does things a little differently than say Las Vegas when it comes to sports betting for example. According to the OLG web site and its own promoganda the OLG looks at its business as a job creator and surprisingly in need of modernization. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation takes a very different approach to curtail combination bets.

The OLG unlike other sports books, doesn’t adjust the odds once they’re set. Instead, when a certain game or a particular combination of games have been bet on and has exceeded the maximum point of payout the OLG is willing to take on, the company simply shuts down all bets. OLG spokesperson Don Pister explained to the Toronto Star newspaper that the decision to shut down bets is because the OLG has a “potential maximum liability”, before adding that “the ultimate goal is maintaining a reasonable level of financial risk.” Pister put the OLG on the defensive, saying that despite the frustration being voiced by bettors, shutting down games is necessary if it means threatening the existence of their business.

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