Another US Online Poker Bill Proposal Possible

Published Saturday, August 10, 2013 -
Another US Online Poker Bill Proposal Possible

American politics is heavily influenced by business lobby groups and participation in what my be called partisan policies. Republicans ran a candidate in the last USA presidential election that was heavily supported financially by the owner of a major casino and resort operation that was categorically opposed to online gambling. It was even mentioned and published in the Republican platform during the election. The Republicans hold power in the Congress of the USA where currently there is a bill before the members that refers to online gambling.

Harry Reid, the Republican Senate Majority Leader is rumoured to be poised to re-launch a federally regulated online poker in law and he is prepared to significantly block the expansion of other forms of online gambling in the process. In one of the more interestingly strange ideas put forth are claims to have seen indications that Sheldon Adelson is planning on supporting Reid’s bill. Of course he would after splashing millions on the presidential campaign to elect the Republican and loosing.

This speculation on the Reid come back bill has been in response to California’s debate about regulating online poker in that state. California, with its big population gives Nevada casinos a bit of concern should regulated online casinos be made available to Californians resulting in a reduction of revenues for Nevada. The big casino operators could get together on this to stop that from happening. California won’t need compacts with New Jersey, Delaware or Nevada with its large liquidity. California could lose the opportunity to offer other forms of online gambling should this bill pass on the Federal level. There could be other states locked out of the online gambling business with Pennsylvania and Massachusetts also considering online gambling legislation. The war for control in this lucrative industry is raging still in the USA and will probably continue for awhile yet.

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