Online Sports Betting Against the Algorithm

Published Sunday, September 01, 2013 -
Online Sports Betting Against the Algorithm

Sports betting has always been a difficult way to win according to some researchers on the subject of gambling. Betting on sports seems to have so many variables that it’s amazing that the sports books online and off can offer the odds they do and still turn a profit.

Technology today has taken the place of the bookie in the shop in so much that the information is instant and fresher online. Today sophisticated algorithms control the betting odds and the gut instinct that existed before the internet is now something that still exists but on a different level.

Developing the algorithms of patterns and trends for gambling the mathematicians and computer technicians now do the work. With many variables that can be plugged into algorithms now such as player availability monitored minute by minute via social media posts, optical tracking of players on the field as well as predictive models while the game is still on projecting final scores based on situational scoring and defenses. The name of the game is to make a profit so having as much information and having as much technology to interpret the information is what keeps the edge on the side of the house.

Today everyone has access to computing power and as the professionals know all too well the one with the most information wins. Players today who are investing time and money in sports betting are smart and ready to challenge the casinos and Vegas sports books with their own strategies to gain an advantage. Big tech companies such as Cantor Gaming which delivers cutting-edge technological solutions to the international gaming industry as well as race and sports book technology are heavily invested in keeping the profit close to home.

Sports betting is a challenge at the best of times and wagering responsibly means keeping it in perspective and remembering the more knowledge you have the better your chances of winning.

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