Corporate Social Responsibility and Online Casinos

Published Thursday, September 05, 2013 -
Corporate Social Responsibility and Online Casinos

The online gambling industry is like the offline gambling services industry in so much that both try to practice corporate social responsibility. For the past thirty years or so the principals at the center of corporate social responsibility have changes substantially. The companies of today actually realize they have a connection between them and the world around them.

In general the corporations of the present apply a systematic approach that ensures that the firm operates responsibly and that its activities contribute to the social fabric in a positive way to the environment, employees, consumers, communities and other stakeholders.

A key part of many programs is philanthropy, which includes the charitable giving and volunteering done by corporations and employees. Most companies have adopted CSR because it is the right thing to do,and because consumers increasingly demand that companies operate in a responsible way. When it come to the online gambling industry the contributions are usually directed at funding harm reduction programs for those who need council and guidance as well as education programs directed at consumers who need the tools for responsible gambling.

There are also charitable online casinos such as Casino4Life which is a non-religious and non-political humanitarian organization that donates all its profits to good causes At Casino 4Life it says everyone is a winner. If you like to play at the roulette, black Jack, slot machines or go after one of the big jackpots its available at the Casino4Life web site.

This is the first global casino where all is for a good cause. The web site explains, ‘If you like to gamble on red at the roulette, the odds are the same at our casino but the consequences are different. We want all our customers to win but we know that this is not the case. But if you lose the benefit is that it goes to a good cause and not to a solely commercial company.’

There are many elements the consumer looks at when choosing an online casino or sports book and one of them should be corporate social responsibility.

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