Two Italian Online Casino Firms Team Up for Mobile

Published Saturday, September 07, 2013 -
Two Italian Online Casino Firms Team Up for Mobile

Wirex is a modern online casino platform that is quickly gaining traction in the industry. The company was founded in 1996 in Italy. Initially focusing strictly on the Italian market, Wirex casinos now face English-speaking players, as well. Throughout its history, Wirex software has made innovation and diversity its key goals.

Now Wirex, has joined forces with Italian software manufacturer Weswit, to provide highly integrated mobile casinos solutions. Weswit is the producer of Lightstreamer technology that allows live data streaming across a wide variety of devices, paving the way for integrated gambling apps.

Lightstreamer is a massively scalable solution for pushing live data over WebSockets and other Web protocols to up to millions of concurrent users. The two Italian firms want Wirex to boost its presence in an Android and iPhone dominated mobile gambling market.

Weswit’s Lightstreamer technology has attracted attention for its fast streaming capabilities from mobile, tablet and desktop applications. As it is completely cross platform, it can provide messaging services for mobile casino games across every platform which allows for real time chat apps for casino platforms.

Alessandro Negro, the CTO for Wirex said of the arrangement, “Live casino platforms must handle huge volumes of frequently updated data to keep the user interface responsive and offer players a pervasive and truly ‘live’ gaming experience.”

Alessandro Alinone, co-CEO and CTO at Weswit commented on the technology, “iGaming platforms need a high level of interactivity and require dramatic performance in bi-directional data push in order to guarantee an enjoyable gaming experience,” Alinone, continued to add, “Lightstreamer can enhance any kind of gaming platform with a highly scalable real-time server and a rich set of client APIs.”

There are currently around eighteen online casinos that employ the technology many are registered in the Maltese jurisdiction. digital entertainment, recently chose Lightstreamer for its online poker, casino and bingo products.

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