Technical Advances and Online Sports Betting

Published Thursday, November 07, 2013 -
Technical Advances and Online Sports Betting

Since its inception in 1992, LVS has been a leading provider to sportsbook operators around the world. The LVS team is made up of a blend of highly experienced industry and technical professionals who are focused on delivering cutting edge solutions.

LVS continues to drive product innovation through technical excellence, giving its customers a powerful business advantage in a competitive marketplace. The Advanced Betting Platform (ABP) enables operators to provide their customers with the finest gaming experience, without restrictions to currency or language. It is delivered across all products and platforms - including web, mobile, retail and telephone betting. As customer satisfaction is central to LVS’s philosophy, the focus is to continually develop innovative and attractive solutions, enabling our customers to grow their businesses in a secure and reliable environment.

Innovation is a key to the company’s success said Simon Ordish Chief Executive Officer of LVS. In a recent interview with Calvin Ayre’s reporter Becky Liggero, CEO Ordish commented,“ Bookmakers have had to understand the importance of technology in our industry – and how expensive it can be if you get it wrong. As the industry has overcome issues with scalability and performance, we are now seeing that operators are becoming increasing concerned about stability and security of their technology. We are fortunate to have built our solution on robust technologies like Oracle and Java and after working with a number of lottery operations; LVS has been forced to invest heavily in conforming to stricter rules. These enhancements benefit the private sector as well, especially as we see some operators grow through consolidation.”

The CEO stressed during the question period with Becky that mobile is coming on very strong and it is very compatible with sports betting. As technology keeps advancing the internet it will also advance online gambling and in particular sports betting. The future is bright for operators who see mobile as the future and apply technologies to access it without trouble.

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